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Meet you by chance, like you is natural, love you is determined, get you is happy, with your life is inevitable.


Listen to the spring talk about you, I can't help being fascinated, every moment has the vitality of life, every minute has the power of beauty, every second has the charm of your blooming in my heart, feeling long and strong.


The road of life is very long. Let me go with you. I would like to build a sky of our own with you.


The moon is hazy, hanging in such a dark blue sky; you are hazy, somewhere in this city that I can't see; and I, in such a clear moment, yearn for gentleness so clearly!


Snow outside the window, I suspect it's your step, shyly raised his head, the window is still, the breeze, snow, and floating to the depths of memory, so I tell you, I really miss you!


How much I should love you, so that I think of you every minute and second.


I would like to become a blind man, I don't want to see anything, but just want to see you, my eyes as long as you can see enough.


You are the wind, I am the sand. You take a cup of tea and I pour it. You nap and I make the bed. You give birth to children and I watch children.


From the seaside, you are used to the appearance of the sea. You have seen the surging hearts when the tide is surging. You have also seen a beach after the ebb.


As long as you see your smile, the world is not so bad.


I miss you not because I am lonely, but because I miss you.


Before meeting you, the world is a wasteland. After meeting you, the world is a paradise. Many years in the past are like a wisp of smoke to me. The infinite life in the future is boundless because of you.


Love a person is when dialing a phone, suddenly don't know what to say, originally just want to listen to the familiar voice, originally really want to dial only a chord in my heart!


I want to hold your hand and walk along the happy road; I want to hold your waist and be happy and carefree from then on; I want to kiss your face, and we will stay together forever!


Walking in the dark night, I didn't say goodbye, I'm afraid you heard my sobbing voice, didn't look back, I'm afraid you saw my tears, I heard the sound of heartbreak in the dark night.


The road of life is always full of unexpected surprises and obstacles. You can discard a lot of encumbrances, rumors, vanity, those who don't love you and those you don't love and memories, but no matter when, you can't lose your courage.


In the sky, there are your and my favorite colors. In reality, there are your and my most matching characters. White clouds rely on the blue sky, blue sky contains white clouds, just like you and me now, how beautiful!


As long as my heart is still there is only one place for you; as long as your mobile phone is still there will be my infinite blessing for you, with tens of millions of blessings. Miss you, bless you.


I have traveled many bridges, seen many clouds, drunk many kinds of wine, but only loved a person of the best age.


In life, the most reluctant page is always hidden the deepest.


I long for love, a person's smile is printed in the eyes of two people, a tear is tasted by two. If this life predestined by fate, I would like to use a switch of sincerity.


Silence is like the beginning, peace is like the element, time is like water, there is always no words, if you are well, it is sunny.


I love you more than myself. You are the sun in my heart. If you shine, I will be full of vitality.


Even if the whole world betrays you, I will stand beside you and betray the whole world.


Today, when I saw you, I found that I had lived in vain for the first half of my life. Today, I feel happy and happy. I think I will continue to be happy and happy.


I think of you when I am alone; I want to hold you when I cry; I want to rush to you when I am happy; I want to kiss you when I am excited. All in four words: I need you!


I don't think you are a qualified friend. You'd better be my wife instead!


I think it's a gift from heaven to see you again after I leave! I just want to leave more of your shadow and think about a Valentine's day with you. You are the secret in my heart.


The earth is still turning, the world is still changing, and I love you forever.


Like you may be my fault, love you I really changed a lot! Fool, I love you!


Thousands of miles of marriage, love in the tangle and continuous, the whole people read you, the whole heart put you hope, not afraid of mountains and water, love can never change, together with honey and sweet, think you every day and every year!


You are the only man in my prosperous life who makes me so moved. You are everything in my long life.


Some people tell you that I love you several times, which is not necessarily true. Some people seem to care nothing about you, but you don't know how many times they have endured the impulse to contact you.


The happiness of flowers is red, the happiness of leaves is green, the happiness of sky and sea is blue, the happiness I give you will be colorful.


Please marry me! After marrying me, I am the second happiest person in the world, because the first happiest person in the world is you.


Seeing your smile is the happiest thing in the world, seeing your tears is the most memorable thing in the world, seeing your anger is the most unforgettable thing in the world, but not seeing your information is the most pitiful thing in the world!


I'm reluctant to delete your information, your smiling face I can't forget, your truth I know, I don't want you to hear my heartbeat!


Pour out all the love for you, pour in all the love for you.


Who is missing you, who is thinking about you, who is reluctant to leave you, who can't leave you, who knows you best, who loves you the most, who is thinking about you the most, who is blessing you, don't think, who else besides me!


If I really say my guilt, I'm afraid that you think I have no future, but if you don't say it, I feel I have no future.


I love you. For me, you are the bread in the morning, the banana in the evening, the garlic of Shandong people, and the chili of Sichuan people.


I want to hold your hand and see the fragrance of the morning rose; I want to hold your hand and see the brilliance of the night meteor; I want to hold your hand and see the beautiful blooming of the four seasons. As long as you are here, happiness is boundless.


Beautiful face attracts me, romantic eyes tempt me, gently ask: do you know what I'm thinking? Hehe, I wonder if you have fallen in love with me.


Your smile is hidden in my heart, the spring breeze blows me to move the sentiment for you, the bright moon shines on me to miss you, the past experiences in the dream, this life is doomed to love you, the true heart never separates.


Waiting is not for you to come back, but for yourself to find an excuse not to leave.


I am alive only when I am with you. When I am alone, even the most dazzling sun loses its luster!


Love at first sight, see you again. Take great pains to win your heart. Think hard, wait hard. Don't you know my heart? I want to melt your heart with my heart.


I don't believe in forever love, because I only love you more and more every day.


Origin, in the crowd, I see you. Fate, I see you in the crowd.


Always cold treat unreal love, always think that they don't care, just because of you, I can't help it; just because of you, I just fall into the trap of love!